Monday, May 26, 2008

Quest For Glory Epic Let's Play Parts Sixty-Nine and Seventy: Hero of Tarna and Quest for Glory III Credits

In Which Our Hero prevents a war and defeats the Demon Wizard.

The final assault on the Demon fortress begins. Marcus breaks into the next room (OK, he opens the door to the next room) and finds Reeshaka, Rakeesh's daughter who isn't doing so hot. We soon find out why when a Demon possesses her and challenges Marcus to a fight, telling Marcus that everything done to the Demon will be done to Reeshaka as well.

Good thing we've got brains as well as brawn.

A dispel potion later and Reeshaka collapses on the floor, and a portal opens in the room. Uhura, Johari, Yesufu, Harami and Rakeesh all step through. Rakeesh tells of a prophecy where five from different backgrounds stand together against the Darkness. Harami opts out but is replaced by Manu, who jumps in at the last second so his man-friend won't get hurt.

The next room contains five mirrors, one for each character. Demonic dopplegangers appear and start to fight: Marcus is engaged with what looks like a zombie version of himself. You'll note there's a minor cut in the video where several minutes of 'spam attack until you get hurt enough to trigger the end of the fight' was cut (you didn't miss anything, I promise.) Harami appears at the last second, apparently not as chickenshit as we thought, and stabs the demonic Marcus in the back before telling us to climb to the top of the tower and finish it.

On top of the tower is the World Gate and the Demon Wizard. He orders a Gargoyle to attack, which Marcus makes quick work of, and then snares Marcus in its stony hands. No problem, because we didn't really want to get close enough to smell his breath anyway. Marcus chucks the flaming sword into the Demon's chest, then uses his Shield to knock the orb into the gate itself, causing it to close.

And that's it. Tarna is saved, War is prevented, and all is well.


Marcus isn't dancing for his health! What dark magic is this?

See you in Mordavia!

Quest for Glory III End Credits:

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