Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quest For Glory Epic Let's Play Part Fifty-Five: A Little Honey

In Which Our Hero meets a bird and rescues a monkey. Cat. Thing.

Video With Subtitles

This video picks up shortly after where the last one left off: our hero has replenished his Pool of Peace water, killed a couple of crocs and is one skareen length to the west. Our goal is to try to get to Tarna and resolve some dangling quest lines. Our first stop is the honeybird, which Marcus deals with in short order. Not by killing it, but by pouring honey on the ground so the bird can wallow in it. When the bird flies off, we get the feather. Quest item!

Then we fight a big dinosaur and stop by the Meerbat Manor where a young Meerbat gets caught in the Venomous Vines. A little Marcus-style puzzle solving later and we're now the hero of the Meerbats. If we can't stop a war at least we can save fuzzy animals.

Another croc fight fight and the grateful Meerbat gives us a fire opal and the fruit of the venomous vine, two more quest items. Our task on the savanna done, we finally make it to Tarna and head to bed. Tomorrow will be a full day.

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