Monday, May 5, 2008

Quest For Glory Epic Let's Play Parts Fifty and Fifty-One: Pillow Talk and Village Life

In Which Our Hero discusses the many events of the last day and In Which Our Hero chucks some spears, crosses a bridge and plays a game.

First Video With Subtitles

Second Video With Subtitles

The first video picks up right where we left off, in Uhura's hut in the Simbani village. It's basically the second half of the cutscene from the previous video, and the only commentary is at the beginning - the rest is exposition about the war and Marcus' role in preventing it. The important parts are: the Laibon isn't being completely forthcoming with the story of how the Spear disappeared, and he's acting a little strangely - usually he's a very thoughtful and considerate leader.

Note that in the playthrough I uploaded I managed to miss asking two questions (for a total of 5 puzzle points): one to the Laibon about the Spear, the other to Uhura about the Spear. Here are their responses:

The second video has a little more action. We met Yesufu, who will become one of our new friends. He shows us how to play a game called Arawi, a variation on a Mancala game, which I admit I'm not very good at. So we lose.

Exploring the Simbani village a little more we find the spear throwing area, where Uhura directs us in the fine art of throwing a spear at a distant target. It looks like we're going to be spending some time here in the future because our aim is just a little bit off.

And last but not least, the bridge, which anyone who has played this game knows can be a major headache later on. Right now, Uhura just tells us about the bridge - the challenge, the history, and how it will come into play should we ever decide to take the warrior challenge to try to become a Simbani warrior. It's not like they haven't been dropping all kinds of hints about it or anything.

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