Friday, April 10, 2009

Codename: Iceman Let's Play Parts Seventeen and Eighteen: Rescue the Ambassador and End Scene

John Westland saves the day.

Falafel van silly video sequence:

End credits:

We rejoin John back in Stacy's apartment. First, he makes a quick phone call to the compound, telling 'Basal' that there will be a new driver today. Then he calls the Falafel Hut and places an order. Then, like a bastard, he doesn't pay the driver and robs him.

Being a spy means being a jerk to people in the food industry I guess.

John holds up the driver to take his clothes, changes into them, and is ready to storm the compound as a one-man assault team. Stacy comes in and tells him its now or never. He drives the falafel van to the compound and hides his tranq gun in the takeout. Once inside, he pulls the gun and quickly tranqs the guards. Whew!

Then it's simply a matter of untying the ambassador, having Stacy save his bacon, and a quick race around the cliffs to the helicopter - which I simply skipped past to the end credits, where John gets his dolphins and the girl.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Codename ICEMAN. Now you've seen a piece of adventure game history without having to actually play it. Consider yourselves lucky.

Codename: Iceman Let's Play Part Sixteen: ICEMAN in the Desert

John Westland makes contact with a sexy CIA agent he met somewhere before...

We're so close to the end now I can almost feel it. It feels great. Like... taking a piss after a long night out drinking.

Anyway, here's the second-to-last video featuring actual gameplay. Iceman actually turns into a decent sneaky-spy adventure game at the end: you make contact, hide from the guards, follow your clues, make contact again, meet the beautiful CIA spy (Sarah Walker??) and head to the safehouse to start assembling the things you need for the final raid on the compound.

I'm not sure why Stacey didn't just go in herself, but hey.

Also, 'the weapon.' I love how you actually have to look at it to get a description of what 'the weapon' is. Turns out.. it's a nonlethal sleepy gun. Terrorists don't use nonlethal sleepy guns!!

Codename: Iceman Let's Play Part Fifteen: Out The Hatch

John Westland goes for a swim.

Alright mateys, it's time to get off this boat. John takes a look around using the Captain's large, shiny shaft (ahem) and spots the harbor and the oil right. He makes a note of the heading and sets off to get his diving gear. A brief tour of the sub later and he's out the hatch, swimming around in the briny deep.

Holy crap the ocean is big and dark and easy to get lost in! (FUCK THE OCEAN!)

John find the oil rig and plants the explosives, then swims off towards the harbor. He uses his awesome KGB whizbang to defuse an electronic field and swims up to find the net dangling in the water. He puts his hard-won bottle in it, then receives the all-clear signal. John hides his motorized diver and comes ashore in sunny Tunisia.

Now it's time to get all spy on this game!

Codename: Iceman Let's Play Part Fourteen: Sink The Alpha!

John Westland sinks a Russian sub.

We start off with John at the helm, who must have received a premonition of danger because he suddenly orders the sub to dive like a motherfucker. The sonar team then report an inversion layer right where John is heading, which is good because inversion layers block enemy sonar.

Oddly enough, very soon after that they report a Russian Alpha sub which starts firing torpedoes at the Blackhawk like they're going out of style. John shuts off the engine, fires four fish back at the Alpha, and waits. And waits. And waits.

The first two torpedoes miss...

But the second two hit. Bye bye Alpha!

But there's still two torpedoes incoming. John begins evasive maneuvers and drops two decoys, which thankfully the torpedoes follow. (You'll note in the subtitles that it took me about an hour to get this right.. crazytime.)

After that, we're suddenly off the coast of Portugal, where we follow the USS Koontz through the Straight of Gibraltar in yet another stupid driving minigame. Once we're safely through, the Captain - miraculously recovered now that our mission is almost over - tells John to have a look through the periscope.

Next update, we'll actually start playing a real adventure game, with like, adventure game puzzles and stuff!